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As we look ahead, beyond the May 21st final gathering. Many of us are asking the question of what is next? What is next for faith practices and rhythms and what is next for staying connected to the people of this community? We complied resources that might help you navigate those questions.

Below is a link to the "Beyond Upper Room" Facebook Group. A group that will be the landing spot for Upper Roomers to stay connected to the community.

Next, you will find links and videos to like-minded churches and faith communities that you may find appealing whenever you begin to look for your next church community.

Awaken West 7th

Awaken's mission is the renewal of all things.  God, in scripture, invites the church to partner in this work of redemption and renewal through Jesus.  

40 Orchards

Our mission is to create safe spaces for the curious, the doubters, and the hope seekers to wrestle through biblical texts using the ancient Jewish concepts of midrash so that - together - we can expand each other’s experience of what is sacred, whole, and good.

Meetinghouse Church

Meetinghouse Church is on a mission to be transformed by the love of Jesus to care well for the world, with the world.

Roots Moravian

To be a new people rooted in Christ, who passionately love God and purposefully seek the renewal of our city. 

The Table

The Table is a community that practices the ways of Jesus by creating space for all to belong and be loved.

Genesis Church

To become ordinary apprentices of Jesus who are learning to love God, ourselves, and others wholeheartedly.

First Covenant Church

First Covenant Church seeks to be an inclusive, multi-generational, urban Christian community that is a place of learning and transformation for all people.

Edina Community Lutheran Church

We give witness to love and justice at God's welcome table and in the world.

Christ Presbyterian Church

To boldly extend the invitation Jesus makes to us, to everyone.

Wayzata Community Church

Inspire the world with the inclusive love of Jesus.

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