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Becoming Human

Jesus came to show us how to be human as much as how to be spiritual. The incarnation of God in a human body modeled what it is to be human, inviting us to embrace the very human experiences of vulnerability, intimacy, struggle, and love in beautiful and excruciating ways. The Advent journey follows a path of humility through all of these human experiences that can help guide us back to our essential humanity.
November 28 | 5pm Gathering
"Human is What We Are Meant For"

December 5 | 5pm Gathering
"Flesh is the Stuff of Salvation"

December 12 | 5pm Hymn Sing
"Step Toward Humanity"

December 19 | 5pm Gathering
"Our Body is What We Have to Offer"

December 24 | 10am & 11pm Gathering 
"The Sign of God’s Presence Will Be Human"

December 26 | No UR Worship Gathering