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Virtual Christmas Eve

If you weren't able to join us for our Christmas Eve Gatherings, you can view the first part of the gatherings here:

Do not be Afraid

The messengers who came to bring the Good News of Jesus’ birth that first Advent always announced themselves with the encouragement, “Do not be afraid!”  It’s a nice sentiment to be sure, but as we come into this Advent season ravaged by an increasingly deadly global pandemic and still facing the uncertainty of our volatile post-election political climate, it is fair to say that we have plenty of legitimate reasons to fear! And yet, in this darkest season of the year, where light is fleeting and hope seems exhausted, the story of Advent reminds us that in the midst of great darkness, an even greater light shines forth as God comes near. To those of us who have been waiting in the darkness, what might it look like to release our fears, and welcome the Good News of Emmanuel, God with us? How might the Spirit of God be inviting us this season into courageous spaces where joy, hope and love triumph over fear? How might we embrace the angels’ message, “Do not be afraid!” 
November 29 | 5pm Virtual Gathering
December 6 | 5pm Virtual Gathering
December 13| 5pm Virtual Gathering
December 20 | 5pm Virtual Gathering
December 24 | 10am & 10pm Virtual Gathering 
December 27 | No UR Worship Gathering