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Drawing Near

The season of Advent reflects on God’s drawing near to us. But how are we to draw near in response? What does the incarnation of God with us invite from us whom God came to be with? Through reflecting on both the vision of Isaiah and the birth stories in the Gospels, we get a glimpse of what it might look like to draw near to Christ this Advent.
November 27 | 5pm Gathering
"Leave and Unlearn"

December 4 | 5pm Gathering
"Reconcile the Tension"

December 11 | 5pm Hymn Sing
"Rejoice and Bloom"

December 18 | 5pm Gathering
"Move Beyond Fear"
December 24 | 10am & 5pm Gathering 
"Treasure Within"
10am: Family Friendly Gathering
Nursery and Preschool programming available

5pm: Candle Lit Gathering
Nursery programming available
December 25 | No UR Worship Gathering
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