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One of our values at Upper Room is Intentional Relationships and we truly believe in the impact of one-on-one, life-on-life relationships. From our students, to the most experienced part of our community, we see the benefits of having someone 'in your corner' as we walk this journey together. 


Spaces at Upper Room to join with others in a similar life stage or demographic or with similar interests. These spaces are often created by community members and each one looks slightly different. If you are interested in creating a group, please contact Katie Sanders.


6200 mentoring

Our hope is that one-to-one intentional relationships become the fabric of our community with a long term goal that everyone at UR who wants a mentor, has one. In collaboration with Colonial Church, join us to make connections outside the Sunday gathering and see how God moves in these life-on-life relationships.

Please contact Hannah with any questions.

One-on-one  relationships to learn and grow on this journey together

ur students

Our student ministry is built on a one-to-one mentoring model. Each student is paired with an adult mentor. Mentors will invest their time participating in shared experiences, actively listening, building trust, establishing a relationship, and sharing the love of Jesus.

Please contact Sara with any questions.

mentors are there to accompany students on the journey and guide them along the way”


ur young adults

This is a space for those in their 20s and early 30s (single or married) who want to connect with others in a similar stage of life. It's for people already connected to Upper Room and also for people who aren't currently connected to a church. There are opportunities to simply create space and connect, opportunities to learn and grow together, and the space to invite others into what you are currently excited about!

a space for young adults to connect outside the Sunday gathering”

ur middles

A space for anyone who finds themselves in between raising children and caring for aging parents. Some of us still have a child at home and some are already caring for parents, but in general…most are “in the middle.” This is an ongoing group that is looking to welcome in new members and let existing members rekindle. They will then nosh and ponder their future as a group. Will it be books? Will it be social? Will it be service? What will be the best way to create a landing spot for those finding themselves in the middle at Upper Room?

a space for anyone who finds themselves in the middle of raising children and caring for aging parents

men's bible study

This environment is a place for men to enhance their relationship with God through Bible study and fellowship. We meet every Friday morning for an hour and discuss the reading for the week. It is a very easy-going environment, perfect for first-timers in a Bible study.

When: Friday mornings, 7-8am
WhereD’Brian’s Restaurant
Who: Men

Please contact Paul with questions.

So that you can gain a greater understanding of God’s Word in your life”

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