Greetings Upper Room,

The UR staff and Board are having ongoing conversations regarding how best to respond to the current COVID-19 threat. We are taking our cues from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We are also in conversations with Colonial, as well as other churches our size, to share strategies and best practices together.

The question we find ourselves asking is what can we do to help limit the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 strain. This is as much a theological question as a logistical one. This is about showing compassion for the most vulnerable. And our hope is to participate in the healing of this crisis by not contributing to a potentially greater threat.

With that thought in mind, we are cancelling our in-person worship gatherings on March 15 and 22. Instead, we will be offering a live stream gathering both Sundays at 5pm. (We will communicate details over the next few days as we are still working out some of the logistics.) While this will be something totally new for us, we are hopeful in creating alternative ways of being together in this current season. While this will be something totally new for us, we are hopeful in creating alternative ways of being together in this current season. In addition, there will be no UR Students on March 18 or 25. Parents, be on the lookout for more detailed communication. Thank you for supporting these precautions in the interest of caring for our greater community.

We recognize this unfolding reality has led to a potentially stressful time for everyone. We also want to create some space on Sunday night to process that. In the midst of wherever you find yourself today, feeling anxious or unsettled, grieving a loss, showing up courageously to care for those who are vulnerable, or feeling alone, we pray you will be met with the comfort of Christ in the midst of it all. 

As we face this unique situation together, we seek to remain non-anxious and yet thoughtfully prepared in response to this rapidly changing community health crisis. Please continue to keep those affected and all our health care workers in your prayers. And stay tuned as details continue to unfold.

Grace & peace,
The UR Lead Team
Jim, Katie, and Todd



A Note to Parents:
We understand this to be a challenging time for us as adults and at the same time are mindful that the unfolding reality of COVID-19 might be producing uncertainty and anxiety in our young people. While we unfortunately can’t eliminate that entirely for them, we can create a safe space for them to process with us. If you are looking for a resource, check out these Crisis Conversation Guides from the Parent Cue. 

Link to Parent Resources


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