Everyday Peacemakers: See, Immerse, Contend and Restore.


Here are some ways you can be an everyday peacemaker for immigration.


SEE the humanity, dignity and image of God in everyone.


IMMERSE by moving toward conflict with tools to heal rather than to win.

  • Call your state representatives and senators to request more immigrant, refugees, and asylum seekers allowed in the US and ask for better conditions for them at the border.

  • Go on an Immersion Trip to San Diego/Tijuana with the Global Immersion Project 

  • Go on a Border Encounter to El Paso/Juarez with Abara Frontiers


CONTEND, not by getting even, but getting creative in love.​


RESTORE by sharing tables with former enemies and celebrate the big and small ways God is restoring our broken world.

  • Have a conversation with someone who has different views than you.