Gathering Update

March 2021

It is with great anticipation that we share some updates about our plan to return to in-person worship gatherings. For an update check out the video here.

Here is the brief update.  You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


Beginning in May, we will move to a monthly rotation of Virtual, Indoor In-Person and Outdoor gatherings, always with the option to participate virtually.  The indoor gatherings will be limited in seating, and will observe COVID safely protocols including social distancing, sanitation, and mask wearing.  We will be releasing a calendar of the schedule of gatherings in the coming weeks.



Our UR Kids programming will be rolled out in phases over the summer and into the fall.  Our kids programming will take some time and will phase in one age group at a time in conjunction with the state of the pandemic and our volunteer capacity.


We want to acknowledge the significant logistical complexities and volunteer needs around kids programming as part of the reason for the delayed timing of kids return to programming.



We are committed to doing this safely, and having a few practice runs will allow us to better serve you once we open our gatherings to the entire community.  We will begin by hosting a couple of smaller pilot gatherings at Upper Room in March, and again in April.  These will be invite-only, first to our Board members and families, and then to a broader group of those who responded in the survey that they were willing to volunteer.


Watch for more details in the coming weeks, as our plans are subject to change based on the state of the pandemic and case numbers.