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Groups at Upper Room provide our community members, both old and new, with the opportunity to connect with one another outside of Sunday gatherings. At Upper Room, we deeply value encountering Jesus, communal authenticity and intentional relationships. If you desire more of this in your life, please consider joining one of these groups! All are welcome. 

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UR middles 
A space for anyone who finds themselves in between raising children and caring for aging parents. Some of us still have a child at home and some are already caring for parents, but in general…most are “in the middle.” 
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We seek to be a collection of women pursuing the nurturing, self-sacrificial, relational heart of God. We strive to be women who love fiercely- love the world, love each other, love Jesus, and love ourselves exactly as we are, Beloved.
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ur men 
Get to know other men in the UR Community as we gather together for various events throughout the year. 
UR Young adults 
This is a space for young adults in their 20s and early 30s (single or married) who want to connect with others in a similar stage of life.
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ur anti-racism
Upper Roomers came together following the murder of George Floyd with the shared goal to learn how to become anti-racist, individually and as a community. We are pursuing self-learning, activism, and partnership with Black, Indigenous, People of Color organizations, with our compass set to the words, actions, and presence of Jesus. 
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