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Over the summer, our Elementary kids are invited into the gathering to worship with their parents. We believe that everyone at Upper Room is equally a part of the community and love this time for both our kids and others in the community to see this in action! Meanwhile, UR Kids is still available for those 6 weeks - Pre K. 


summer leadership teams

With one gathering at 5pm from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend, we are in need of 10 people to volunteer each Sunday. During the school year, we hold strong to our value of creating a safe, age appropriate experience for UR Kids and recruiting leaders so parents can worship together. Over the summer, we ask parents to sign up for at least 2 Sundays where they can volunteer and see what is happening in UR Kids and give back to both their kids and other families. Summer is also a great time to ease into UR Kids leadership if you want to check things out before jumping in for a school year! By serving as a UR Kids leader you will be supporting and encouraging kids and families on this journey of faith. 


If you have questions please feel free to contact Stephen Krueger – a member of the UR Kids staff.


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