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UR Ladies Virtual Retreat






May 1-2 we hosted our first ever UR Ladies Virtual Retreat. If you were not able to join us or missed a session, we have created a way to revisit this weekend by watching our sessions (links below) or engaging in some of our Saturday self guided options. If you have questions about how to use these resources, please email Katie


Start by checking out the Virtual Retreat Guide which will provide an overview to the weekend. Friday night we engaged with a surrender practice and ended our time with a little yoga. Saturday morning we walked through a meaningful Spiritual Location practice. Session Three was essentially anytime on Saturday and this guide lays out several different offerings and self guided practices. There are links inside this guide to some recorded sessions and resources as well. We closed out our time on Saturday evening with some intentional reflection and communion. We hope these resources will help create a space for rest, renewal, and connection with God.   

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