A series of conversations to explore healing, reconciliation, love, and peace.

everyday hospitality


Monday, October 28

Hosted by Kirk & Michele Dunbar

No Cost

What would happen if we, as people alive through the words, actions, and presence of Jesus, made it our priority to engage those people around each of us that we don’t even see or that we literally choose to avoid. The people that clean our office buildings... the clerks at stores... others that we see (maybe at UR, maybe at work, maybe walking in the neighborhood) routinely but never engage with. Maybe it’s a neighbor, one of our kids' friends, a coach, etc. What would it mean to practice Everyday Hospitality? How might this actually help us be equipped to take ourselves, and others, to tackle the “big problems” like slavery, immigration, race? Join us to talk about ways to literally be the hands and feet (and smile and kind word) of Jesus to our world. Oh, and the Dunbar taps will be open!

human trafficking


Monday, November 4

Hosted by Susan Umlor and Jon Good

No Cost

We hope to bring together those from the Upper Room community who are passionate about the issue of Human Trafficking to dive more deeply into discussion around the issue on a local and global scale. Our discussion will center around the realities of human trafficking, as well as what effective strategies of intervention are currently happening in our world to combat it, as well as how we as Christians are called to be involved, and God’s heart for this issue of justice. We desire to have meaningful conversation that will lead to next steps of engagement in this issue, individually and communally, whether that is getting involved with a local organization and/or IJM, and other creative ideas. This issue is a heartbreaking one, but we desire for this conversation to focus on hopeful and meaningful engagement in solutions to human trafficking.


with a screening of "Love Them First"


Thursday, November 7

Hosted by Lisa Valdez and Katie Sanders

No Cost

Education is a place where race and poverty are closely tied to achievement. Minnesota struggles with one of the largest achievement gaps in the country but every community has a failing school. The racial achievement gap is a defining 21st century challenge as whites make up less than half of America's K-12 students. As Christians, how do we respond to this challenge? How can we make a difference in the lives of children in our city and state? Join us for a viewing of a documentary called Love Them First - with a discussion around these issues to follow. Love Them First follows the story of a school in North Minneapolis that is trying hard to beat the odds. 


Tuesday, November 12

Hosted by Raquel Jarabek

No Cost

Immigration is one of the most divisive issues facing our country today and yet Scripture tells us it is also something close to the heart of God. What is our invitation as Jesus followers in the midst of this complicated debate? If you feel drawn to engage more with this topic, please join us for an evening of conversation and listening. Our hope is to hold a balanced and welcoming conversation - hearing from a variety of voices as we seek to understand and learn together. 


Monday, November 18

Hosted by Youssef & Andrea Sawers

No Cost

In this "Living Room Conversation" around RACE, we will discuss the different forms of racism that exist today (institutionalized, person mediated, and internalized), while providing an opportunity for participants to share their own personal experiences of racism in a respectful & safe space.  We also recognize that racism has played a significant role in the history of the Christian church, and despite the fact that we are ALL created in the image of God, we know that we have fallen short of living out this truth.  We hope to explore how race impacts our perception of who God is, and who we are in relation to this, asking "how does my race affect the way I interpret scripture?" and "how might this be different if I were someone else?"  And finally, in acknowledging what is destructive & self-serving in a "white savior" approach to racism, we hope to humbly discover what next steps might look like for our UR community as we attempt to further dismantle racism today.