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What is the Love Fund?

The UR Love Fund is a pool of resources that allows community members to love others in a very practical way… by providing financial assistance to a UR community member in need.

How do I nominate someone to receive assistance from the Love Fund?

A UR community member who recognizes a need within the community can nominate individuals/families for consideration

  1. Collect all relevant information related to the financial need including:

    1. Financial status/ struggle of the individual or family

    2. History on the economic issue/crisis they are facing

    3. Any other details that will help the stewards of the Love Fund evaluate the need and make a decision regarding the dispersal of funds

  2. Fill out the online form to nominate someone

How do you decide who receives assistance?

Every attempt will be made to address the need and support the individual and families who are nominated; however, final decisions for dispersal of funds will be made by the fund stewards based on the ‘seriousness’ of the issue and the current available funding of the Love Fund.

Where will the money for the Love Fund come from?

A small portion of the fund will be seeded by the UR operating budget but the Love Fund will primarily be funded by UR community members. Those who have the ability to support the Love Fund through their generous donations are encouraged to give so that people in our community in need can benefit.

How do I donate to the Love Fund?

  1. Online (Credit card or bank card): Click here to make a donation to the UR Love Fund on your credit card or bank card.

  2. Mail (Check): Mail your check (write Love Fund in the memo line) to: Upper Room Love Fund, 6200 Colonial Way, Edina, MN 55426.

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