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Richfield STEM Elementary School Partnership
Loving others is at the heart of our identity as a church, and has been for 16 years. One way we’re spreading that love is through a partnership with our neighbors in Richfield, at the STEM school, just 7 miles east on Highway 62 from where we worship. We’re partnering with R-STEM through The Sheridan Story — a local non-profit that exists to fill the food gap between Friday and Monday, when children can’t participate in free/reduced meal programs at school. Although this is a starting point, our desire is to develop relationships beyond the food we provide. 

We need your help as Upper Room continues to build relationships with the Richfield STEM students, families, teachers, and staff. As an Upper Room community member, there are two ways you can most directly support the Richfield STEM school:


  1. Distribute food: Place bags of food in children’s lockers each week and interact with staff, teachers, and children while you’re there. This is to help those who have limited access to food outside of school have something to eat over the weekend.

    • Kids are welcome to come along for this opportunity! Sign up for about an hour, one Friday morning a month. If Friday mornings don’t work for you, there are other weekday mornings available on certain weeks. Just ask and we’ll figure out where to plug you in!

  2. Volunteer during lunch: Serve as a lunch supervisor during the school year so teachers can get a well deserved break in their day. This is a great way to get to know students and staff.

    • You can help in the lunchroom by signing up for one or two hour shifts between the hours of 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM. 

There are several other ways to participate in this partnership:

  1. Pack bags: Join us to pack bags of food at The Sheridan Story Roseville warehouseChildren eight years and older are welcome to participate with parents.

  2. Give financially: It is due to the generosity of our community that we were able to sponsor 55 students last year!

  3. Pray: Pray for the students, families, and staff at the school, and that God would open the door to more opportunities to build relationships there.

Ultimately our goal is to love: to love the students, families, and staff of R-STEM. We want to love them well, spend time with them, develop relationships, and support them in whatever ways we can.

If you you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email our volunteer staff, Bonnie Meendering.

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