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UR Kids Summer Experiences offer an opportunity for kids 3 years old through those entering 6th grade. These experiences are a great chance to step out of our normal Sunday rhythm and learn about loving God and others in a different way. They also create the space to have fun building relationships with others and making memories. We hope you are able to join us for some of our favorite weeks of summer! If you have questions about any of our UR Kids Summer Experiences, please e-mail Hannah.

As summer approaches and our COVID reality changes, we will plan and make necessary adjustments to experiences in order to follow all safety protocols and ensure the safety of all participants.


July 12-14, 2022


For Kids entering 3rd & 4th grade in the fall of 2022


Cost: $65 per camper


Experience what it means to put your faith into action as we explore what it means to serve others.  We gather to learn about God's amazing love and our call to love those around us. Join us as we learn about organizations in the Twin Cities that are doing this work. We will then work together on projects to support them! We will also spend time learning about the issues of poverty and social justice as we discover God's plan for us to be part of the solution.

Explore what it means to serve others while partnering with existing Twin City organizations"


Discover who God is and how god loves us and loves others."

July 19-21, 2022


For Kids ages 3 - entering 2nd grade in the fall of 2022 (and their families of course!)

Cost: See registration for more details.

Experience the excitement as we discover who God is, how God loves us, and how we are called to love. This camp is a great opportunity to connect as a family and to connect with others in the UR Kids community.  This camp invites your family to simply show up and experience the Love of God.  Let UR Kids take care of the details, from activities to meal planning, and simply just come and be together.

Build Community to help make transitions easier by going through them together"

July 22-24

For Students entering 5th & 6th grade in the fall of 2022


Cost: $145 per camper

Change and transitions are not always the easiest part of life, but when you make these leaps in community, they only become that much more fun! Students entering 5th & 6th grades are invited to spend time together- learning, serving, and playing as we explore the transition into junior high.  This experience is often overnight, finding time away together.  The exact details of this experience are all TBD and will be determined based on the current safety needs, ensuring we are able to keep everyone safe and healthy.  Mark your calendars for now and keep looking for more details! 

Payments can be made online with credit/debit cards or bank account transfer. They can also be made in person with cash or check (please contact Hannah to arrange this). After you have registered, more details will be sent your way in the coming months. We never want cost to be a limiting factor. Scholarships are available if needed - please fill out the form HERE to let us know about your scholarship request. 

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