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Each December at Upper Room our Christmas Offering is always two-fold. We desire to be intentional with funds going outside our walls to support our greater community. And at the same time, December is our largest giving goal to help Upper Room maintain a healthy and stable financial position which allows us to continue in the work God is inviting us to do!

We are working with two organizations whose mission is to support those experiencing homelessness.

50% to You Are Loved Project 

50% to Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative.


Our first priority this year is to care for those around us - especially those disproportionately impacted by the realities of COVID-19. Here locally, the Twin Cities were already struggling to address the challenges of housing instability and homelessness, and particularly the large numbers of people living unsheltered —and then this virus enveloped the globe. We are working with two organizations who are doing much needed work to bring hope, healing, and lasting change.

You are Loved Project

YALP is a local non-profit working to bring basic necessities to those experiencing homelessness. This winter, YALP is also specifically working to help provide live-saving supplies to keep folks safe through the frigid MN winter. Despite the hard work and financial investments of local shelters, many individuals are choosing to live in encampments as these communal shelters are difficult places to stay socially distanced. Our hope is to raise enough funds so YALP can provide a 4-season tent and 4-season sleeping bag along with a few other much-needed supplies to 10 individuals.


While we recognize that the need for immediate support is real, we are also reminded that people who are living unsheltered, truly deserve a home. We are thankful for the opportunity to support one of Beacon’s most recent projects - a revitalization of the L.A. Rockler Fur Co. building in Downtown Minneapolis. Beacon is working with the Red Lake Nation to renovate and repurpose the building into 50 apartment homes for members of the Native community who have experienced homelessness. The project, called “Bimosedaa” which comes from the Ojibwe language and in English means let’s walk together, will allow individuals to leave behind the encampments and find a shelter they can call home.

We are inviting our community to make a special financial gift to UR’s General Fund to help us meet our largest monthly goal.  Our December giving goal is $90,000. This goal will help us start 2021 in a healthy financial position. Our hope is to start the year off well amidst  the COVID-19 pandemic and look forward to a time when we can be back together in-person.


Each year Upper Room relies on the faithful giving of committed individuals and families to support the work of being alive through the words, actions, and presence of Jesus. This is an unprecedented year. And through it we have seen little change in our Committed Givers. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are able to do this work together, because of your generous and sacrificial giving. We know this year is especially trying in so many ways.  So, even if you are unable to give over and above this December, know we are so appreciative of your presence in this community.

Other ways to give to Upper Room's Year End and Christmas Offering:​

  • Check/Cash - Mail to: Upper Room, Attn: Jim Lee, 6200 Colonial Way, Edina, MN 55436.

Write “Missional Offering” on the memo line or on an envelope with cash to designate to the Missional Offering.

  • Text - Simply text the amount you'd like to give to 84321

Add "Missional Offering" to the amount to designate to the Christmas Offering

  • Stock Gift - Please contact your Financial Consultant/Brokerage Firm and provide them with the following:

    • Name of Upper Room’s brokerage firm: Charles Schwab

    • DTC delivery # for Charles Schwab: 0164

    • Upper Room’s Charles Schwab Account Number: 3532-4196 

    • In addition, please email Jim Lee to notify Upper Room of your gift so that we can process it in a timely manner and provide you with a giving statement.


Gifts must be postmarked or initiated by Dec 31 to count as a tax-deductible donation for 2020.

If you have questions, contact Jim at 612-353-5641 or